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Atradius Collections is a worldwide team of debt collection specialists to support your collection of outstanding invoices in any country, time zone, currency and language.

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Benefits of our debt collections services

As debt collections specialists, we’ve heard most of the excuses businesses make when they fail to pay a bill. We know how to respond to this and how to exert the right level of pressure to maximize revenue collection.

Atradius Collections is equipped with a full-range of debt collection services to support your business. We know that a proactive and amicable approach can often yield the best results. Simply the act of outsourcing the debt recovery process to us enables you to carry on with your business.

With the benefit of our worldwide IT infrastructure, we operate the most integrated Collections network in the industry.

  • Atradius Collections has a global success rate of 79.3%
  • We offer services in 96% of the world
  • We handle over 80.000 cases annually
  • We service over 10.000 clients worldwide
  • We are connected to over 480 agencies and law firms globally

Get international B2B debt collection insight


Handbook magazine

The International Debt Collections Handbook is an annual publication that explains the diversity and complexity of country-specific debt collection approaches in detail. It includes the different stages of amicable settlement, financial regulations around collections, legal proceedings and insolvency procedures in more than 40 countries. Download the Handbook

Is Atradius Collections right for your business?

We are 100% committed to providing our clients with the best collection services possible wherever they trade in the world.

Are you insured with Atradius Credit Insurance?

Atradius Credit Insurance customers are automatically able to access and benefit from our Atradius Collections services. This is a feature of all Atradius Credit Insurance policies and will not incur any additional cost for you.

Not insured with Atradius?

Our standalone Atradius Collections services are available to all organizations and businesses that are not current Atradius Credit Insurance customers. Our integrated and secure online portal, Collect@Net, allows all Atradius Collections clients to track their collection cases online.

What our clients say:

"The debt collection cases we send Atradius Collections are the most difficult ones but it continues to get results."


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Online debt collection


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The first ever online e-commerce debt recovery platform is now available to you.

Easily collect your debts online. With our online platform, you simply upload your unpaid invoices, monitor our collection process and receive your money as soon as the debt is recovered.

What are the benefits?

  •    Get an instant, obligation-free quote
  •    Submit multiple collection cases 
  •    Stay updated on the collection progress 24/7


Learn more about Atradius Collections

Visit our Atradius Collections website for more information about our services or contact us below. Our Atradius Collections representatives will contact you to discuss your needs and how we can support your business.

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