Atradius Atrium is your credit management hub. Through a single portal you can manage your daily policy activities, and analyse your portfolio of customers.


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Simple, relevant, transparent

Your time is precious. Your interaction with Atradius should therefore be as smooth and simple as possible. A sophisticated credit insurance and policy management tool, Atradius Atrium helps you minimise the amount of time you spend on administration, allowing you to focus on what is most important.

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All you need in one place

An online platform, you can access Atradius Atrium from any place and at any time that suits you 24/7.  Its functionality is designed to support your business in helping you to manage risk and enable trade. 

Get an instant overview of your portfolio

A secure log in gives you access to Atradius Atrium, where you will be presented with a complete overview of your portfolio. You will be able to see a summary of your policy details, view the total value of your credit limits and non-payments, and view or export a list of your limits and cases. 

Manage your trade credit cover

In Atradius Atrium you can view any credit limits or pending decisions that may exist for your policy, apply for new cover or amend existing cover by increasing or decreasing your credit limit amount as trade with your buyer changes.

Submit and monitor your non-payments cases

You will be able to see all your non-payment cases in one place, as well as view an up to date summary on your case and a detailed breakdown of financial information and case activities.

Easily access key information about your customers

With Atradius Atrium you can search for your customers or potential future trading partners quickly and easily using a limited amount of information, providing access to company information, financials and buyer ratings.

Declare your business

As per the conditions of your policy, you will need to submit declarations for goods or services that have been invoiced. Atradius Atrium makes this easy and straightforward, allowing you to declare per buyer country.

Receive updates on policy changes and follow up on outstanding actions

Receive notifications when something changes within your portfolio, such as when a credit limit has been approved or when a new cover opportunity has been found. Organise outstanding actions and tailor your preferences so you can focus on specific developments as they happen.

Access Atradius Insights to analyse and manage your portfolio

With your access to Atradius Atrium, you can also monitor and analyse your portfolio through Atradius Insights. Providing you with business intelligence, you can easily navigate between a high level overview and a detailed view in just three clicks, helping you detect trends and respond proactively to changes. 

View Atradius publications relevant to your markets and trade sectors

Atradius Atrium provides you with access to country and trade sector reports covering more than 40 countries, allowing you to stay on top of current market trends.

Atradius Insights

In today’s challenging business environment, having up-to-date information on how your business, your customers and your markets are performing is vital to support your strategic planning and processes. Atradius Insights is designed to help you monitor your portfolio performance, identify risks and opportunities, detect trends and respond proactively to changes.

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